Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Piggies at Big Major's


These piggies actually swim out to greet you, expecting homage to be paid in the form of carrots or apples. It was difficult to feed them because they will not dive for your contribution but rather need it hand fed. They have big teeth and scary looking mouthes so this is an odd situation.

It is hot! Peter is changing the squealing alternator belt which he insists is OK but is finally humoring me. Today we will explore Staniel Cay where the mail boat is expected tomorrow, and along with it, fresh veggies of which we now have none.
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Beth said...

Logged on today to catch up on your latest posts and thought I got the wrong blog when I saw the picture of the pigs in the water! I'm still spinning over the idea that these pigs actually swim out to the boat! The two of you look like different people! First of all, who is this zen man with the birds perched all over his arm? Second, who is this radiantly happy woman smiling amidst the vines in the jungle? Anyway, reserved the small plane in the bahamas.. (sketchy.. fingers crossed on this one) Running home to get my passport number to secure my continental reservation. All seemed great in NYC until I looked through this blog. Now I can see that I'm stressed out and working way too hard (part time :)