Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mother Nature's Fireworks

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We knew a cold front was coming and winds were expected to blow. What we learned mid afternoon was that there was an 80% chance of squalls gusting to 50 knots. This is big winds, like our near hurricane experience at Pungo Ferry. We had already moved our boat to a harbor where we would have protection from the expected wind direction. In squalls, the wind can be circular but may have a tendency to a particular direction. The prediction was for west winds, which placed us anchored near a lee shore. This means that behind us we had land, which is not preferable in case we were to drag. But we had faith in Buster, our Queen-Mary sized anchor, and chose to stay right where we were in order to ride out the prevailing wind after the front passed.

Right after sunset the light show began, and as we watched the lit up clouds move past us, we realized there was a good chance the storm would pass us. And it did.

Having been struck my lightning I believe I will never be able to enjoy a thunderstorm as I did in the past. But there is one good thing about our lightning strike: we lived to tell about it. Perhaps my anxiety will some day pass.

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