Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lee Stocking Island resident


After several days at Black Point we finally found perfect weather to transit on the Sound to Lee Stocking Island on the way to Georgetown. Lee Stocking used to house research scientists but for some reason unknown to us the Center has closed. It is remote and eerie. We picked our way through the shallows and put down in front of the Center, without any one in sight. We snorkelled a bit and walked a beach that had virtually no shells at all, unusual in the Exumas. The scientists must have absconded with them all.

In the morning, we were visited by this nurse shark who must have come by to enjoy our leftovers from dinner. Immediately after taking this picture, we departed, and ran smartly aground. We were able to free ourselves in short order and had a good passage to Georgetown, the sailing Mecca of the Bahamas, where we are now at anchor. We ran into old friends (old has a new meaning, we met them in January but feel as though we have known them forever)on Deborah Lee. We had dinner with them last night and danced until my hips hurt at a Rake and Scrape. Native musicians deliver a different kind of music using barrels, saws, and all sorts of untraditional musical instruments. Rum and juice or native Kalik beer flows freely.

Today we attended a weather seminar and as usual, I continue to be an Weather Dropout and Dufus. I gave up on the afternoon session as I was as lost at Hansel and Gretel but without the crumbs. I shopped. I am good at that.
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