Thursday, February 7, 2008

Exumas! and Highborne Cay

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On February 2nd we left Rock Sound headed for the Exuma Cays. It was challenging picking our way through the sandbar off of Powell Point, having elected to do it the hard way, in typical Forgosh fashion. Never touched bottom, but oy! Forecasted winds of 20 knots some how did not get even to 10, but nasty rollers kept us bouncing around. After watching six feet depths for the first hour, we entered Exuma Sound and picked up several thousand feet under the keel. Our trolling line was approached by something that bit our lure in half but left us no other sign of his visit. Seven hours of motoring later we arrived at Highborne Cut where I proceeded to take the wrong entry. Fortunately, the sun was at our back and Peter was able to pick out the coral heads and sandbars. The lesson here is that we cannot rely on our electronic charts in the Bahamas. They simply are only a very rough portrayal of what is underneath you. So, it is back to counting rocks and cays from the paper charts and posting a lookout in order to enter a harbor or inlet. Fortunately, George from Ketch’n Dreams had already entered and gave us some advice on what to set our sights for.

Once the anchor was down at Highborne Cay Peter and I headed over to a spot called Octopus’s Garden to snorkel. Absolutely amazing coral and fishies and warm water. Our new dinghy ladder consisting of strap with a foothold (purchased at West Marine) allowed me to get back into the dink, but not artfully. Our dinghy anchor held nicely, having found a grip on someone’s outboard motor contributed to Neptune on some earlier excursion. The best part of this snorkel adventure was the beautiful Willow-sized pink conch shell found by grandpa Aye-Aye.

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donald said...

Hi Lynn and Peter,
Talking to my son about sailing yesterday, and I was motivated to go thru your entire blog this AM. The writing and photos are great, but it sounds like you can`t ever totally relax! RFAS annual dinner tonight; I`ll update the crew. Good luck.
Don Dyson