Monday, February 18, 2008

Big Major Spot


In addition to having a very cool name, this anchorage is the home to pigs that swim out to your dinghy in search of apples or carrots or comraderie. Yes, it is true. Pigs in the Bahamas.

We met up with Midwatch, who we met in the Abacos and whose Admiral taught me how to make bread. It is a great spot, near Staniel Cay, where we hope to pick up daughter Beth and anyone else wanting to visit. From here we snorkelled Thunderbolt Cave, where a 007 movies was shot. This snorkelling has to be the best ever as the fish are fearless and are fed by the cruisers. As soon as you anchor, trillions swim up to you and surround you when you dunk in the water. After freaking out a bit about their closeness, you dip under a rock formation and enter the cave where the bad guys stored the atom bombs. But, ah, James came to the rescue. I want my granddaughter to see this.
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