Thursday, February 7, 2008

Allens Cay and Iguana Heaven

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We dinked over from Highborne to Allen’s Cay where literally hundreds of iguanas come out of the brush as soon as you beach your boat, more than likely hoping for a meal. We are encouraged not to feed these critters, in order to not make them dependent upon us for survival. This was an incredible moment. If you stand or sit still they will come within a foot of you looking for a tasty morsel, which hopefully will not be you. Any movement and they scatter a few yards away.

We tried snorkeling again but the current was too strong at the time of our attempt. It is almost necessary to snorkel at slack current, which, incidentally, is not predicted anywhere. We use a rule of thumb that slack somewhere around high or low tide, which is generally available for someplace not too far away to be irrelevant.

Celebrian and First Edition were hosted for happy hour on Ketch’n Dreams and Lynne served yummy hors d’oeuvres. I mixed up a batch of happy juice using banana rum and baked each of the boats a dinner-sized loaf of bread.

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