Thursday, January 17, 2008

Treasure Cay


Entering the channel into Treasure Cay is a scary thing, it looks as though you will hit bottom almost as soon as you enter it. At high tide we found no less than 8 feet, so we had no issue. We found a mooring, one of very few available, and paid the $12 fee, entitling us to use the showers and pool. A real bargain. We had lunch at Coco Beach, and then walked the beach, advertised as one of National Geographic's picks for top ten of the world.

The next day we lingered, and rented bikes. We took a long ride for a few hours (Judy, it was easy going out and hard coming back with the wind on the nose; I had no idea!) We shelled for a few hours while Vickie and Len hung out at the pool. I found some incredible shells for Willow; I need to become creative.

Tonight we had show and tell with my shells, Len brewed up a mean island drink, and we are having a turkey dinner, with plans for a movie afterwards. Tomorrow, we go where the wind blows.

On a very sad note, we learned today that our dear friend Alan's Dad George Rosenzweig passed away. If I had to choose a father but could not choose my own, George would get my vote. Whenever we saw him, he made us feel special and like we were family. I am so sad for his wife Ellen, for Alan, and for all of us. We are cheated.
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Susan said...

Such a beautiful sight. Save those shells for a shell mirror. I've been collecting for years and still haven't gotten to the creative cement stage, however, it takes a lot of shells. Enjoy your wonderful trip; it was 14* here this morning. And Go Giants!

Neil said...

Glad to see you guys are still sober and afloat.
Peter I sent a $2713.51 check from Phoenix Life Insurance to your office with instructions to deposit it into your account. You might want to check on it.
Currently there is over $30,000 in the scholarship fund including donations that people have made in Dads memory.
We just got back from a "must do" visit to Disney with Alex and his parents. You can consider leaving the parents at home and just take Willow when you get a chance.
We are on our way to Los Cabos starting Friday and returning the following Saturday. Got to get away from this below freezing weather.
David is here going over some of Dads things and he says "hello".
More when we get back.

beth said...

oooohhh.. These posts are juicy :)

Thinking of you guys. Sorry to see the news of Alan's dad.

All is great in NYC. Seems impossible, but I've been enjoying the cold. (You can take the girl out of Vermont, but you can't take Vermont out of the girl..) Charley loves it. Poor thing can't take her coat off when we get inside. As happily as she trots around in 15 degrees, how hot must she be in here?

Did another course with Landmark this past weekend. Spent much of the time in awe of what a great course it was. Walked away feeling light, happy and optimistic about my future, and trusting that I can see more easily how to create what I want. Spilled over into today where it was uncommonly easy to enjoy every bit of the day. There's another guest event on Thursday night, which you should know you are invited to! Someone is actually coming up from St. John for it -- Amazing, right?

Holding off on picking a date to come til I replenish from my January quarterly tax payment/ winter sale shopping :) I certainly haven't forgotten!

In the meantime, happy cruising -- love to Vicki and Len and of course, to you!