Sunday, January 27, 2008

Royal Island, Hello Central Bahamas!

On January 24th, we arrived at Royal Island which I now understand is not part of Eleuthra, but just North of it. The motor sail night passage was uneventful with 10 knots of breeze, although initially I thought we might have a very rolly night with a five foot swell. The swell either died down or came from a better direction, or the Stugeron kicked in. (If any boaters read this and do not know about Stugeron, find out, and get it! Cannot be purchased in US or Canada; we bought our supply in the Bahamas years ago and just refreshed it. You will not get seasick if taking Stugeron, and you can bank on it.)
We lost Celebrian in the middle of the night as we seem to travel faster than she does. Peter successfully dodged several squalls, and woke me to take down the sail as one could not be avoided. When it came it brought rain but no wind. We turned in between the Egg Islands around 9 am and had anchor down at 10. Royal Island is desolate and beautiful, with the peace being disturbed on two sides of the harbor with construction equipment clearing off the land for development. Sad.
The water is crystal clear and warmer than the Abacos and snorkeling will be pursued post haste. While I napped, the former lawyer now Captain and handyman constructed a “glass” bottom bucket using left over plexiglass donated by Salty Dog and a purchased bucket. By placing the bucket in the water over your anchor, you can actually see if it is set correctly, and I imagine it will be helpful in determining snorkel locations. We dinked around taking pictures of sea life, and then turned in early to catch up on lost sleep. Tomorrow and the next, another cold front arrives, with winds up to 25 knots expected.
25 knots of wind is a bunch of wind, but not so much that it would have kept us harbor-bound in the past. Here, no one moves when it is 25. I suppose that is because the forecasting is not reliable and 25 can become 30 or more in a heart beat. So we languor reading books and doing chores.

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