Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man O War and Bye Bye Tillmans

After Treasure Cay we had a short sail to Man O War Cay, which in keeping with the trend was a very scary harbor to get into. The channel in is very narrow, only one boat at a time can take the passage. As you enter it is best to stay dead center and not look at the sides, as coral heads appear to be jumping up to bite you. We picked up a mooring at Man O War Marina, with little water to spare beneath us. Unfortunately, we arrived just past closing time at all of the shops. Vickie and I agreed that this was the best spot we had been at. We planned to check out the shops the following day unless the cold front and high pressure system coming up appeared to be on a fast track. We walked the beautiful beach and I found many new, cool shells. We had dinner on board and watched Ratatouille which was a good story.

The next morning Peter and I got up at 6:30 to pick up Chris Parker’s weather report on our single side band, and based on his take of the front, we decided to may weigh immediately. Upon arriving back at Marsh Harbor we decided to take a slip to make it easy for Vickie and Len to unload the next day, and for us to ride out the front. We docked at Conch Inn for $1.40 a foot.

We rented a car and took a desolate ride to Little Harbour, where we had yet another specialty drink at Pete’s Pub, along with lunch. When you ask the bartenders at any of these hot spots what is in their specialty, they all say the same thing, “rum, rum, rum, rum, and juice”. Yet, they all taste a little different. Nippers gets my vote as best in the Abacos. Vickie and I toured the art gallery, and passed on the $180,000 sculpture, although Vickie did buy an overpriced hat. We had a nice dinner at Curly Tails, and went to Snappas for rake and scrape. I was so disappointed that the full contingent was not there, and Len missed out on what I had hoped would be a good send off back to the States.

The next day the big winds had not arrived by the time we dropped Vickie and Len at the airport, but it sure came through almost as strong as promised, hitting 30 knots for two days. Once it blew itself out, we did laundry and provisioned.

Last night we celebrated our new friend Rob’s birthday over dinner on Celebrian, and planned our departure for Royal Island in Eleuthra, which is planned for 5:00 pm tonight. If we make 5 knots, we should arrive in 14 hours, right after daybreak. Just in time for another cold front!

For a week now I have been running around trying to get an internet signal strong enough to permit the attachment of pictures, to no avail. As we now head down to the hinterlands, the frequency of any signal cannot be predicted, so keep checking for updates periodically.

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