Saturday, January 5, 2008

Looking for Sea Beans


Following our celebratory bread luncheon, Rick and Linda from Sojourner and Bill and Deb from Deborah Lee and Peter and I walked the Green Turtle Atlantic Ocean beach looking for sea beans. These are either heart shaped or hamburger shaped "pods" that wash ashore from Africa, and can be found easily along the shore. I have found none, but Beep from Midwatch contributed a couple that she found for my collection. Pictures eventually will follow.

We have exited Green Turtle and are at anchor at Manjack Cay, as we needed a high tide to get out of Green Turtle, and the next day it would not occur until 4 pm, by which time we hope to have crossed over The Whale. This is a passage that can not be made if conditions are not right, and while we are not sure what they will be like tomorrow, a number of boats intend to try. We need to get around The Whale to get to Marsh Harbor where we will meet Vickie and Len a week from today. While it is only 20 miles from here, one can never tell when The Whale will "rage", which it has been doing for the last few days. No worries, we will be careful.

Hopefully you will hear from us next on the other side.
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