Saturday, January 5, 2008

I made Bread!


As my Pajama Party Girlfriends will know, I have always thought that the ultimate cruiser made her own bread, but I have been a failure at that culinary chore despite what I think is my otherwise success in the kitchen. While complaining about my lead brick attempts at bread making to Beep on Midwatch, she said she had a foolproof recipe. With time on my hands as we waited out the blow, I thought I would give it a try.

All throughout the process I was convinced my breadmaking continued to be lame, and it was not until I opened the oven to discover this loaf of sour dough, with a crunchy crust and airy center. Another cruiser next to me was also trying to make her first loaf, and we shared our esctasy over lunch the next day (conch burgers, yum). So, here's to Debbie and Lynn, breadmakers phenome!
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