Monday, January 7, 2008

Great Guana Cay


Having had a successful rounding of The Whale with Debra Lee and Madcap, we all celebrated at Nippers where I had a jolly good time on Nipper Juice. No idea what was in it but let's just say I had good cause to turn in a 8pm. Nippers has a pig roast every Sunday for lunch and there were tons of cruisers there (with a random handful of bikini babes flown in I am sure for entertainment). Our kind of music is played, there is a dance floor, and well, Peter got the opportunity to do "the swim" and his assorted silly 1960 dances. But when I looked around, he was not alone! Beth, you would have wet your pants.

We hooked up with newlyweds Rob and Christine, shown here at Nippers. We met them at Junkanoo, and found them anchored in front of us in Celebrian.

Today we will walk around the island, Peter eyed a bakery he wants to visit, and then figure out where to go from here. Anchorage is a bit rocky but I slept quite well, thank you Nippers.
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