Monday, January 7, 2008

Every Dog Has His Day


Chillin out in the Bahamas!
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Beth said...

I love logging in to find updates and pictures! It all sounds and looks like so much fun! The new year is off to a great start with a balmy 60 degree week here in NYC. I'm not complaining. Thinking of you guys and keeping an eye out for the updates as they come! Enjoy! XxOo, Beth

Grex said...

proving once again a 'dogs life' is a great one (in our world). seems like life is better than good for you guys and we are delighted! Let us know if you find a buyer for GE in your travels. much love,
stuck in boston

Susan said...

G'day mates! Guana Cay is beautiful! The colors are so festive, so unlike what I will encounter here today. The picnic table is inspirational. We need to paint one like that up at the lake. Glad you are enjoying the time of your life. keep going on calm seas, L, S&B

Sharron and Bill said...

Photos are great and your joy comes right through them! You are probably the life of the party at every gathering!
In comparison we're in gorgeous snow and -6 this AM. Another foot today is expected tonight.
Thank you for sending us updates and sharing your adventures.
Can you send me a Nipper or two, Ha! Ha! Love, Shar