Monday, January 28, 2008

Da Spot on Hatchet Bay


While walking Hatchet, we met George and Lynne on Ketch'n Dreams and together we toured the town. It is a very poor community and while some homes were patched together with plywood and plastic, more than likely to repair hurricane damage, the town was clean, and well behaved and neat children were playing in the streets and attracted to George and Lynne's dogs. In the Bahamas, feral dogs known as potcakes roam the streets, and although "wild" and living off of the land, they do not appear to be threatening; these American puppies were quite an attraction. We read that the following day (Sunday) the Royal Police Band was to play at the Peoples Church, followed by a food fest. What a plan for Sunday!

After a good walk Sunday, we changed to decent clothes (as decent as they get for cruisers) and meandered back to town. We found no one who knew where the Peoples Church was, and finally were clued in that it was in a different town. So, now, while raining cats and dogs, we wandered the streets looking for anything resembling food, scarce on a Sunday in the Bahamas.

Well, we found Da Spot. Da Spot is a bar we had seen yesterday with great smells emitting therefrom but it was not opened. When we asked the proprietor where we could get a bite, he immediately opened up and concocted a drink, yes, you guessed it, rum, rum, rum and juice. Five hours later we ate Clayton's BBQ fish, chicken and ribs, and a Bahamian specialty, macaroni and cheese. The picture shown in Clayton with Christine and me.

We met a local at the bar who open learning Rob and Christine were on their honeymoon walked us all next door to the Pastor's home, where we were welcomed to receive a blessing on their marriage. It was a special moment. Across the street churchgoers were signing hymns on the street, and I joined them, remarkably picking up the tune. Quite a day.
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