Thursday, January 31, 2008

Governors Harbor, Eleuthera

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From Hatchet Bay we sailed and motored to Governor's Harbor, where we anchored in Balara Bay as recommended by Chuck from York River Yacht Haven. The harbor is known for poor holding, but Chuck promised good holding at this spot, and when a surprise blow came upon us, during the night of course, it proved to be true. We did a lot of hiking and shelling here; my catch from one morning is pictured.

We are now at Rock Sound, our last stop on Eleuthera before crossing over the deep ocean to Exuma Cays, where there are no grocery stores, laundromats, cell towers or internet cafes. So, I will be washing clothes in the sink, eating out of cans, and burning our garbage. The snorkelling and fishing are supposed to be great. Updates to the blog will be irregular.

It does not look like we will attend the big superbowl party at Staniel Cay, as we enjoyed Eleuthera too much and did not make alot of Exuma progress. Go Giants!

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rotten kids said...

I spy augers and moon snails and olives and turkey wings and a sea urchin and branch and brain corals and baby's teeth and scallops and a pen shell. Nice collection of sea shells, Grammie! Without a closer peek and an identification book, that's all I can name, but there are at least 5 or 6 others not named above that I can see in your picture...

Did I mention we are supposed to get freezing rain tonight? I'd rather be developing a sniff neck from shelling on a remote Bahamian island!