Monday, December 31, 2007

Phoning Home

We are now in Green Turtle Cay where we will be for a few days. There is a "blow" expected tomorrow night, and it is expected to howl over 30 knots. So, we have picked up a mooring and hope it is well founded. It was the last one, and a bear to get a hold of. With the help of Ed on Midwatch, we picked up the mooring chain, then walked with Ed and Beep to see this beautiful island. We checked out the two restaurants and their menus for tonight, New Year's Eve. At $100 a head, it is a tad beyond our budget (although Peter
doesofficially retire effective today).

Today we will explore Black Sound (we are in White Sound here). At 4:00 there is a hors d' pot luck on the beach for all the boats here in the harbor. There is a Junkanoo here tomorrow midday, and hopefully the cold front will hold up.

Pictured is Peter, as his blackberry has no signal he will try anything for a final call to the office.

OH! Ed from Midwatch turned us on to Skype, an internet service that will allow us to make phone calls for 2 cents a minute (as compared to nearly $3/ currently). We downloaded the software and borrowed Midwatch's headset to place a few calls, it works great! But, we will need an internet connection and our own headset, which I have ordered to be shipped to our first visitors in a few weeks. Way cool.
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Beth said...

So great to catch up on all of your adventures. Lynn you sound happy! Dad sounds like it's beginning to sink in that there is truly life after work! Had a great time in Vermont last week. Skied in the ice and rain, and couldn't believe how much fun it was! Made an executive decision to throw out your popcorn maker Dad. Don't worry, it turns out popcorn can be made on the stove. Been entertaining house guests - my good friend Mary from college and one of her resident friends from med school. The big news is - we all fit! And are having a great time playing tourists in NYC. Going to dinner at Nobu tonight and then to a comedy club with a fun group of friends.. Thinking of you! Miss you! Happy New Year! Love, Beth

Susan said...

Great to hear that you two are enjoying Turtle Cay. The final, unending retirement party begins tonight, Peter, enjoy! We returned today, Florida was nice and sunny. I am making cookies and then we all go to a house party to ring in 2008. Have a Happy New Year. catch you soon, L, S&B