Sunday, December 9, 2007

Mystery Friend

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We had a fantastic overnight sail from Cape Canaveral to Lake Worth (Palm Beach), with winds of 14-18 knots and OK seas. Sailed the whole way. Arrived at Lake Worth at daybreak, about 2 hours before our most aggressive projection. Tomorrow we will take a slip after lollygagging all day today. From there, we will do our final provisioning for the Bahamas and begin to follow weather closely for our crossing.

One of us took a picture of this creature although neither of us can recall it! Any guesses? We are in the right whale habitat area, so I wonder if we have captured a shot of this endangered species.


Sharron and Bill said...

Is it a manatee? I've seen them in the Indian River...Congrats on your great sail! Am I the only one holding my breath awaiting your departure for the Bahamas? God's speed and blogg updating! Love, Shar

Beth said...

It feels to me like your second lives have now officially begun! Wondering about your arm, Lynn -- and hoping that dad is finding the open water adventures preferable to 7 am conference calls... The Northeast misses you!! Thinking about you as you adventure accross to the Bahamas! Love love, Beth

rotten kids said...

Oh, it's most certainly a whale. What a treat...

rotten kids said...

Check out what a google search unearthed. You guys should call the number and let them know what you saw. How totally awesome!!!

Did you see a whale?

If you think you may have seen a right whale, call the Right Whale Sighting Advisory Alert Pager at 978-585-8473. Leave a voice message with the number of whales, the location of the sighting, your name, a phone number, and a description of the animals you saw. Someone from our team will call you back to talk with you about your sighting. Click here to learn about the distinguishing characteristics of right whales.

Critical Habitat
NMFS designated three areas in June 1994 as critical habitat for the western North Atlantic population. They include:

Coastal Florida and Georgia (Sebastian Inlet, FL to the Altamaha River, GA),
Great South Channel (east of Cape Cod), and
Massachusetts Bay and Cape Cod Bay
Two areas were designated by NMFS in June 2006 as critical habitat in the North Pacific Ocean. They include:

an area within the Gulf of Alaska
an area within the Bering Sea
Right whales are the rarest of all large whale species and are among the rarest of all marine mammal species. Northern right whales inhabit both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, particularly between 20° and 60° latitude.