Friday, December 21, 2007

Hell No, We Didn't Go


All the necessary ingredients were there for a crossing, but starting around midnight things began to change. The winds were building beyond forecasted levels, and the concern that they would continue to build crept into our thinking. Several boats, driven by old salts with loads of experience, had left but remained in radio range and were complaining about the conditions being "snotty", etc. Think about it. Winds were on the nose, waves were knocking down forward progress. After several hours at it, many boats helmed by those with much more experience that we have threw in the towel, and sailed many hours back into the inlet. Sartre's delight.

We kept discussing whether or not to go with our buddy boats, and it seemed that no matter what time we decided to caucus, as soon as we did, the heavens opened up a splendid rainfall. Bad seas, bad winds, and now rain. No thanks!
At 3:00 am we decided winds might gust to over 30 knots based upon our research, and we decided to bag it, and hit the hay. Although we set the alarm for 4:00 for the next board meeting, we merely turned it off when it blared.

So, we did not go. Instead, we moved from one anchorage to another, touched ground and then ran hard aground, took on fuel and water, and are following a possible opportunity to cross Saturday night. However, that window looks short. The next chance, per forecast, is Christmas evening.

So I leave you with this picture, one of my favorites, that we took in the NY Harbor, a fireboat running a drill. We know how it feels. Christmas in the Bahamas? Not the first goal I did not make. Eventually...
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