Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Hanukkah, We are Back in the Sunshine State

We are blessed to have friends like the Rosenzweigs who have shared their home, their children, their doggies, their refrigerator, their cars, their advice, and their holiday celebrations with us over the years. They sheltered us during Peter's mourning, and while we dealt with our doctors and Peter's last visit to his office. Thank you guys.

We are back in Florida with plans to leave Cape Canaveral (where a shuttle launch is planned coincident with our own take off) tomorrow. We have figured out why we have had setbacks during this voyage: Pecan Sandies. We ALWAYS start a trip with these luscious, fatty cookies, but in out attempt to be healthy, did not this time. Well, today the Pecan Sandies (OK, reduced fat version) were loaded aboard. We believe we have broken the hex. Good winds and seas are forecast for a trip to Lake Worth (near Palm Beach). We plan to leave around noon for a 21 hour-ish trip.

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