Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas in the Bahamas!

Thanks to the encouragement of our new sailing friends, Ed and Lisbeth, we took off with them Christmas morning about 9 am following heavy rains. At first, the seas were very lumpy, with a large swell coming from the northeast. Our friend Len would not have liked it. After a few hours, the swell flattened out a bit and we mostly motored over the stream, which took probably about five hours. We eventually were able to sail for a few hours. The depths go from thousands of feet to 10 when you cross onto the Bahamas banks, and the seas become like pancakes. I am sure the water changed color too, but it was too dark to see. Around 10 pm after clearing Memory Rock and approaching Mangrove Cay both boats dropped their anchors randomly along the banks, which is a common practice. We slept, but a bit fitfully.

Waking up the next morning was amazing, the water is the color of a mermaid's eyes and the 1950's turquoise kitchen color. We motored again to Great Sale Cay, where we met up again with Wind Kist 4 and Butterfluge, two boats we met in Lake Worth. We had a swim, brrr! and talked sailing over cocktails with Aquaelle's crew. Now, we are motoring again to Allan Pensacola Cay, where Ed is taking us ashore to introduce us to Poisonwood, which apparently is as nasty as it sounds. Tomorrow, onto Spanish Cay where we will clear customs.

Weather is great, 80's and sunny, little wind that we can use. But all is very good.

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