Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve at Lake Worth, Florida


If you notice this handsome man is posing in front of the only derelict boat anchored in this part of Lake Worth, in front of a boat named "Restless". What you may not be able to notice is that this derelict (the boat, not my husband) is from the homeport of Wicomico Church, Virginia. This is where our property is, and where we will eventually become landlubbers. Quite a coincidence, and some how as meaningful as to this voyage as Pecan Sandies.

Having discovered this boat, and met some wonderful folks here in the anchorage, we are tired of being restless and think we may be able to move on. Soon, very soon.

While returning from doing laundry with a new friend, Lisbeth, we cracked up when we realized it is Christmas Eve. Peter is now dragging out our one foot fake Christmas tree, which I will decorate this evening. Now we are off to dink around the anchorage and discuss weather with other Bahama bound sailors.

I hope Santa finds us in this anchorage.
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