Saturday, December 29, 2007

Manjack Cay

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We had heard a lot about Leslie and Bill who own a home on Manjack and are very welcoming to cruisers, and today got to meet them. We walked through their "woods" where bananas, grapefruit and assorted other fruits and vegetables are growing, through to the beach. There, we picked up flotsom and jetsom that had washed ashore and had a good walk with Ann from catamaran Peace, Ed and Lisbeth from Aquaelle, and Beep from Midwatch (in the picture with Peter). Afterwards Bill gave us all a ride on his power boat through their mangrove creek, where Aquaelle and Peace intend to ride out the front coming through next week(too shallow for us).

So today we are just hanging out. Tomorrow we plan to pass over to Green Turtle Cay where there is a snug harbor and a Junkanoo on New Year's Day. The holding is OK (read, not great) so if we can pick up a mooring we may do that. We will miss a pot luck being put together here, but want to beat the rush to the harbor.

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