Friday, December 28, 2007

Allan Pensacola Cay


This Cay is actually two cays that were joined together following a recent hurricane. On the island there is a spot where cruisers hang mementos with their boat names on them. When our friends Vickie and Len visit we want to return to apply a proper sign Many have survived for years. Anchorage here was good, although it was pretty calm.

We joined Lisbeth and Ed for dinner on Aquaelle. Tomorrow we will clear customs (shh, we should not have landed here until we cleared), anchor in Manjack Bay, and say goodbye to our new friends as we move on and they visit with friends with a home on the Cay. It has been so good for us to have these experienced Bahamas cruisers to show us the way. And it turns out they are great people too. We will look them up at their gallery in Seal Cove, Maine when we cruise there next year.
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Andrew said...
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Andrew said...

Sounds like a wonderful place - I hope to cruise there some day and make my mark, as well as see all the boat names that have been there before me!
I hope you don't mind I mentioned your adventure on my boat name blog