Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thanksgiving Blues and a Wild Ride

Before we left Fernandina Beach, we heard an announcement for the St. Mary's Thanksgiving Net. A Net is like a party line, it is usually organized by one person for a specific reason, all can listen in and contribute or not to the conversation. This net, which we monitored, was all about the plans for the Pot Luck Thanksgiving Dinner being organized by the cruisers. The host asked for boats to announce themselves if they intended to participate, and I would say about 20 boats added their names. The host then asked each participant to volunteer what they would bring to the meal. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights a potluck hors d'oeuvre get together is planned. Unfortunately, our plans were to move on, so we could not join in. My holiday depression deepened. I could have made a great pumpkin cheesecake.

We left around 7 am the following day with a 30 hour overnight trip in store, this time to Cape Canaveral. This port in our past was the origination point for what we refer to as The Sailing Trip from Hell. Six years ago our friend Len helped us move the boat which we had just bought up the Florida coast. He joined us here in Cape Marina, and he and Peter barfed all the way up to Jacksonville on an overnight trip with death-threatening seas and winds (well, at least more than we expected). And all this on a boat with which we were not familiar. It leaked, the engine would not start, the heads backed up. It was horrible. So, the local propensity to mis-state the weather continued with this trip. Winds were big, seas were big, but this time we understood what a great boat we had, and I did not serve Beef Bourgouinonne with a rich wine sauce to stir up the gastic juices. We made incredible time and had a good trip, although sleep did not come easy. Incidentally, following The Sailing Trip from Hell, the boys got off the boat and headed for beers and fried food. Seasickness is soon forgotten once land is embraced.

The weather forecast stinks, lots of rain and thunderstorms predicted over the next several days. So, we have decided to visit my aunt, who is two hours away. Tomorrow we will rent a car and stay with her through at least Saturday. Ahh, home for the holidays with family! Better than a Pot Luck.

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Sharron and Bill said...

SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE WITH AUNT DAR!!!!!!Maybe I'm a witch - I told Bill after seeing Cape C as your next stop - you could rent a car & go to Ocklawaha!!!Our Thanksgiving there was so special & I bet this one even MORE SO for you...Love to Dar & hugs all around!