Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Long Night

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The night has come and gone. On the urging of our friend Len, we placed a second anchor out using our dinghy (a lot more artfully than our first and only other attempt in the Caribbean). This was pretty uneventful but after letting out it we realized we had not bothered to check the depths where we put it, and we suspected it was in too shallow water, and that we might run aground trying to retrieve it. Add to the list of worries for when we needed to retrieve it. We took below most everything that we could, life rings, fenders, BBQ grill, flags, anything that might increase our windage.

We gazed longingly at a couple of masthead lights sitting in a creek a few miles away. We wondered if they were snugger than we were. We had thought about going there to anchor but concluded we might have issues as one of the books said if you boat was longer than 35 feet you might not have room to swing. As we are 44, we stayed put.

To pass the night we watched an awful movie (The Break Up with Jennifer Anniston, please don't bother). When we turned in, winds were forecast to blow in the mid 30's gusting to mid 40's starting about 1 am. The Captain arose to take the anchor watch at 12:30 while I nestled snug in my bed, unable to sleep. I could tell by the level of the howling that the winds were not reaching forecast levels. Peter slept in the cockpit and took the entire watch, turning in around 4 am when it looked like those big winds were not coming. He did see 30, which now on our revised scale is no big deal.

Upon arising we found that the winds had blown the water out of the waterway. In this picture you can see a dark river bank where none existed the prior day. Fortunately, the wind shifted a bit and put us in deeper water but a little bit in the channel, not a great thing, especially as revenging power boats drive by and cast us a great wake. We had no issue, though, retrieving our second storm anchor.

One of the boats anchored in The Creek of Our Desires stopped by to tell us all of them were now aground, having had their water blown out as well. Tonight we will all gather at a marina up river to tell our tales and tip a few.

Another experience under our belts. We are still not coming home.

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