Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lap of Luxury post Overnight

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We left Beaufort on Sunday at 9:45 in the morning and had figured we would reach Charleston two days later. About 12 hours into the trip, the Captain announced that "we" had made an error in our calculation, and we would arrive early, but in the middle of the night. We had been in Charleston before, but always prefer to approach an inlet in daylight. But, oh well.

We later figured out that we could enter Winyah Inlet near Georgetown, SC in daylight, and indeed, we chose that option. We knew we would have current against us slowing our trip in, but we did not bother calculating this, and a trip we thought we take 2 hours took five. Have you noticed how sloppy one gets in retirement?

From our books we chose to stay at the Harborwalk Marina, because: 1. it had a nice name; 2. it was closest to town, and 3. it had newly renovated docks. THEY LIE! The picture shows the Georgetown waterfront from our dock. Georgetown is a nice little town which we really did not have enough time to explore (recall the error in calculation of our time). We had a great dinner at an Italian restaurant and went to bed really early since we slept little during our 26 hour trip here. It is hard to sleep when you are motoring, which we had to do for about 24 hours, lacking wind.

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Sharron and Bill said...

So happy to see the post! My adrenaline was going... Hope that you treat yourselves to an "easy" cruise... Love, Shar