Friday, November 9, 2007

Giving Up the ICW

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We left the South River on Wednesday and motored to Oriental, nicknamed the sailing capital of North Carolina. What a great town, everyone is our age, walking around with a purpose but nothing important to do. We had lunch with a bunch of other gray hairs and felt right at home. We could live here. We docked at the Whittaker Creek Harbor Marina, a top notch operation which we highly recommend. We borrowed bikes and toured the town, and when we needed to provision, the dockmaster took us to the grocery store (sic) and came back and picked us up.

Today, Friday, we motored to Beaufort and are once again in a slip. We have decided we are tired of running aground or having the potential to run aground, and worrying about whether or not our 63 ½ foot mast will clear bridges with 65 feet supposed height but high water shortening that coverage. So, we are going offshore and will have to sail for 24 hours straight, through the night. We have been offshore a sufficient number of times that this is not necessarily a big deal (forget that, for me it always is). However, it is usually in the 80’s without a chance of ice forming on the deck. So, we give up the comfort of our bunks along the ICW for the ability to sail, knock off the miles, and get to WARM WEATHER faster! We are monitoring the weather to pick a warming trend with good winds and no chance of rain. Stay tuned!

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Sharron and Bill said...

Your update was very informative and enabled me to find your location.Sounds like Oriental was a boater's dream stop! Will look forward to next words after offshore hours. Hope all went very well & all equipment worked! Love, Shar