Monday, November 19, 2007

Charleston, SC

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We headed to Charleston to sit out the predicted blow coming through, and took a slip at Charleston City Marina, a first class operation with very scary slips. The current runs around 3 knots and it is crazy watching the boats arrive and depart. Peter absolutely nailed his approach, putting our 44 foot boat in between two others in a 50 foot space. Vickie, you can imagine the knot in my stomach! Spent 3 days here, mostly shopping. Had some good Southern cooking and some bad Southern cooking, the good stuff at Magnolias, where we had a long lazy lunch.

Sorry gang, although I added a few items to Willow's holiday bundle, my usual exchange of clever :) gifts ain't happening. This picture is from the market in Charleston, local crafts reasonably overpriced. I really would have liked a seagrass basket, but passed due to fear of mildew.

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