Thursday, November 8, 2007

Brhh, Ice on the Deck

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On Nov 5 we awoke to find a misty marsh at Broad Creek. This picture was taken just as the mist had lifted. From here, we transitted to the Alligator River, but did not see any. We passed through the Albermarle Sound, notorious for its choppy seas as in Cape May. Fortunately, the water was nearly flat and we actually sailed for a short time. On the 6th, winds were howling as we mostly motored to Belhaven, which sounded like a lovely place to visit. Our marina included a Southern inn and featured fried oysters on their buffet; it sounded so charming. I am still looking for the promised chunks of lobster in my seafood diablo, there were no oysters but a limited amount of hush puppies. It took several attempts to get my drink right, even with a lot of coaching. The staff for some reason was so over worked this night that the owners had to help serve. When clearing our table, the Mrs. said she was not sure how to do it. I suggested she approach it just like home, she looked me in the eye and said, "I have others do this for me at home". A power boat approached us as we were leaving, asked our opinion of the River Forest Marina, and gave his: "the place is a dump". When we awoke the next morning our rickety dock and our boat deck were caked with ice.

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