Monday, November 19, 2007

At Peace with the Dolphins

On Saturday morning we left Charleston with a 40 hour trip through the night to Fernandina Beach FL ahead of us. We awoke to freeze warnings, but were OK being near the coast. The trip was relatively uneventful although we had to motor except for 2 hours (which time was a gift to my husband so he could sleep without the engine noise pounding in his ears). Forecasted light winds did not happen, instead we had 20 knots which would have been great, had they not been on the nose and therefore not sailable. The wind churned up the seas, also right on the nose, and slowed our progress to a little over 4 knots, while we plan for 5 and hope for 6. At daybreak, the dolphin congregation arrived. Perhaps 10 of them, slowly approaching the boat, under sail at the time, and racing its length to jump at the bow wave. I let the Captain sleep, although I now regret it. But it was my time with these beautiful creatures.

Amazingly, most of them had lacerations on their dorsal fins, likely due to run-ins with boat propellars. Yet, they still do this morning ritual. I am thankful.

Arrived Fernandina Beach in the St. Mary's inlet, and we are now in Florida. Prone to strong currents, we were happy to find the last mooring available at Fernandina Harbor Marina for $15. Many anchor here off the mooring field, it looks OK, but if you don't have to worry about the strong current resetting your anchor, why bother?We have no idea where we will spend Thanksgiving, and I am blue. I miss you all. But we are finally getting into the groove of liveaboard life.

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John Servidio said...

A few questions about those dolphins. Who handled triage? Did you tend to the wounds, and if not did you obtain a proper RMA? Did Peter use the siren the whole time???