Friday, October 12, 2007

Small Craft Advisories

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We left Solomons Island and had an uneventful motor to St. Mary's River off of the Potomoc. Happy to report that no belts broke and everything was working!
Small Craft Advisories were issued by NOAA (your taxes dollars at work for my benefit, thank you) as winds were expected to gust to 25. We snugged up close to the shore and slept soundly.

SCA's continued into the morning but we decided to leave any how to reach our property at Wicomico Church, Virginia to celebrate our anniversary and to tie up at our dock, as winds were expected to blow 30 knots for two days. Leaving St. Mary's we found winds of 25, gusting to 29 which is A LOT OF WIND. First Edition has her mechanical issues, but boy can she sail. Fortunately, the winds were from behind so we raised our head sail only, partially reefed, and soared through five foot seas. It was exhilarating. A picture can usually tell a thousand words, but not so with waves; I tried to capture the essence nevertheless. It was grand.

We sit now at our remaining land holding doing chores, fixing things, paying bills, etc. I am getting ready to set our new crab lines and poke around our pilings to see if any critters are waiting to become crab sauce.

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