Thursday, October 18, 2007

Shxxty Job at York River Yacht Haven

Here is my poor husband fixing one of our Groco heads for the zillioneth time. He is now qualified as an expert. We learned last week that Peter has again been named one of America's top lawyers. Who ever decided that should see him now.

We are at York River Yacht Haven. It has a great laundromat, my important requirement! Also has an iron and ironing board. Probably more important to most of you is the River Inn restaurant where we ate last night. It was 50% off wine night so we were happy. Had a "great meal" (me) or a "very good meal" (Peter).

After we meet with the electrician we will go running errands with my stepmother Kathie and Jimmy, her mate.

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NJNerd said...

Hi guys - always knew that Peter was one of America's top lawyers whether fixing a Groco head ( whatever that is ) or doing battle in court.