Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sailing with Jimmy and Kathie

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While visiting with Willow we stayed with Kathie, my step mother and Jimmy. We borrowed their car and ran all around buying our fishing gear for offshore, propane for our galley, food and booze, and ate many good meals. We had a great sail with them on the York River; they are planning to join us in the Bahamas. Are you?


The Bridge said...

Welcome aboard CruisingTheICW! Glad to have your blog with us. I look forward to following wherever the breezes may take you. Please let me know anytime you're cruising through Charleston.

Sharron and Bill said...

Willow is beautiful, what a joy for you!!! We are still at Hat Is., stayed over weekend & Bill will leave on the ferry tomorrow. We had our 40knt winds to deal with..& I'll work with the carpenters tomorrow.
Watching the storms on the east coast - be careful.
Please let us know how and where you are... Love, Shar