Monday, October 8, 2007

Vickie gets crabs

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We left Frog Mortar Creek on Friday and travelled to Rock Creek off of the Patapsco River, the home of the Baltimore harbor and our friends Vickie and Len. We anchored off of the Maryland Yacht Club for the evening and dinked to Phase II, their boat, for cocktails. Saturday morning we left out for the Wye River (after a number of course changes and after replacing an alternator belt that broke and caused us to overheat, always traumatic because an alarm sounds and shakes the be-Jesus out of you). We rafted up (tied our boats together at anchor)at Drum Cove, and set out the crab lines. The picture shows the results of the effort, and constituted a lovely crab dip, for which Vickie is known. The following day we motored to St. Michaels in about 90 degree heat (we did not miss summer after all), anchored, and to celebrate Vickie's birthday, went boutique shopping without the men. Had dinner ashore (not at the Crab Claw and not at the Inn at Perry Cabins since Vickie would rather have a new box spring for the boat than spend $250 on dinner), the boys did cigars on the transom, and we listened to the Yankee game. Yankees live to see another day.

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