Monday, October 15, 2007

The Corrotomon

Saturday we motored to the Rappahannock River and anchored in the East Branch of the Corrotomon for a lovely quiet night. Alas, no winds. On Sunday we sailed up the Rappahannock, although winds were light, and finished the day motoring to Fishing Bay on the Piankatank River. We are pleased to report no mechanical issues have surfaced. There are perhaps 10 boats anchored here, all apparently headed South.
We stayed at this anchorage seven years ago when sailing First Edition from Ft. Lauderdale to NJ, after we purchased her. Although I have been accused of having a good imagination, I actually saw a sea horse swimming in this bay.

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Vickie said...

Sorry to hear you motored again. The bushwacher cometh. We saw 10-20 all week end with new record on Phase II--9 knots. I'd love to see a video on UTube of Peter picking crabs!!