Saturday, September 29, 2007

So Long Stamford

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In Stamford we finally drug out the captioned flag to let our new friends know they should not give out on us, and voila, here we are now sitting at an anchorage in Sandy Hook NJ. The winds were howling when we left and we made incredible time. New equipment is great, except we think we determined that we sat around Stamford for an extra week for nothing; a recurring error on our automatic ID system continues to occur and we think it is really not an error!!

We leave here at 3 am tonite/tomorrow to get to Atlantic City, about a 14 hour trip. We are anxious to get moving, and anxious in general.

1 comment:

Sharron and Bill said...

FANTASTIC!!!!!! God's speed. I will be thinking about you about 12 AM my time & say an extra prayer for your next leg.
Loved the flag! Shar