Sunday, September 30, 2007

Arrived at Atlantic City

We left Sandy Hook at 2:50 am with winds of 20 knots in the right direction. Unfortunately, we decided to get out of the Hook before setting our sails, about a 2 hour trip consisting of dodging commercial vessels left and right (after all, this is the entrance to the NY harbor). Our AIS system was working great. This is basically a radio receiver that picks up signals required to be sent by the big boats, and shows the boats on our chartplotter. It identifies their speed and course, and time to closest approach to us, along with their ID # which we can then use to hail them. Once we cleared the big boys the wind continued to be favorable, but the waves were knocking us off course and causing our boat to loose the wind from her sails. So, we motored for 14 hours to get here. But, we are here! During the trip we had to change our chart over to the Mid Atlantic region, officially designating that we are close to the Chesapeake. We pulled into the world's most expensive marina at around 4:30 pm (and it is a dump). It is now 8:15 and we are turning in. Neither of us slept before taking off or during the trip so we look as old as we feel, and are! Tomorrow, sleep late and a short, seven hour trip to Cape May. Winds forecast to be favorable (a beam reach) at 10-15 knots, a sailor's dream.

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Sharron and Bill said...

So glad to hear A.C. safe arrival!
Last time you paid $150? Good luck with the docking at Cape May!
We have heavy winds, squals, possible lightning. We're on Hat,cleaned up scrap wires & swept shavings for electrical inspection.
Trex for deck arriving Fri! We'll cruise to Everett later today or tomorrow AM.
Your cruise has finally begun! We'll look for updates. Love, Shar