Sunday, September 30, 2007

Arrived at Atlantic City

We left Sandy Hook at 2:50 am with winds of 20 knots in the right direction. Unfortunately, we decided to get out of the Hook before setting our sails, about a 2 hour trip consisting of dodging commercial vessels left and right (after all, this is the entrance to the NY harbor). Our AIS system was working great. This is basically a radio receiver that picks up signals required to be sent by the big boats, and shows the boats on our chartplotter. It identifies their speed and course, and time to closest approach to us, along with their ID # which we can then use to hail them. Once we cleared the big boys the wind continued to be favorable, but the waves were knocking us off course and causing our boat to loose the wind from her sails. So, we motored for 14 hours to get here. But, we are here! During the trip we had to change our chart over to the Mid Atlantic region, officially designating that we are close to the Chesapeake. We pulled into the world's most expensive marina at around 4:30 pm (and it is a dump). It is now 8:15 and we are turning in. Neither of us slept before taking off or during the trip so we look as old as we feel, and are! Tomorrow, sleep late and a short, seven hour trip to Cape May. Winds forecast to be favorable (a beam reach) at 10-15 knots, a sailor's dream.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

So Long Stamford

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In Stamford we finally drug out the captioned flag to let our new friends know they should not give out on us, and voila, here we are now sitting at an anchorage in Sandy Hook NJ. The winds were howling when we left and we made incredible time. New equipment is great, except we think we determined that we sat around Stamford for an extra week for nothing; a recurring error on our automatic ID system continues to occur and we think it is really not an error!!

We leave here at 3 am tonite/tomorrow to get to Atlantic City, about a 14 hour trip. We are anxious to get moving, and anxious in general.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Dr. Beth Saves the Day!

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The stress of being a landlubber is incredible. Thankfully, we have a chiropractor extraordinaire to turn to. Underneath the table you can also see our Granddog, Charlie. Visit Discover Chiropractic of Soho on Prince Street.

Yet another reason to be happy we are attached to land!

We are getting close on First Edition...more to follow!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Who Cares if We Are Not Sailing?

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Being stuck on land has its advantages, although few. The biggest is named Willow!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I saw a man who had no feet.

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Many times in my life I have revisited the creed "I complained because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet". The poor devil who owns this boat may not even realize yet that the harbor master found his boat sunk on his mooring. Sea Tow, which is a service likened to ambulance chasers, drug this boat back to our yard, while it was underwater. It was artfully moved onto the sling, still underwater, and the SlingMaster Andy jiggered it until it flipped. If you look closely you can see some of the floating floorboards that had come loose during the process.

Stepping the Mast and A Failed Seatrial

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On September 7 our mast and new rigging was installed. The installation of the electronics continued, with most bugs worked out by yesterday, when we took First Edition for a sea trial with our “master” electrician, Todd. In addition to confirming that everything was working as intended, during the sea trial the new auto pilot fluxgate compass needed to be calibrated. To do this, First Edition needs to be turned in at least two full circles at a certain speed for a certain time.

It was blowing a bit and as a result, the Long Island Sound was choppy. After a few attempts with a “Too Fast” error message delivered by the autopilot, we took the boat inside the breakwater and attempted the calibration again while dodging boats under sail and power boats in the channel, all of whom were not happy with us. The calibration was not successful so we are getting another brand new fluxgate and autopilot brain, and moving the fluxgate from its current installation spot. This should be done by early next week.

We also have to have a Compass Adjustor correct the significant error that appears to have occurred on the ship’s magnetic compass (“when all else fails, believe your compass”), and our brand new ICOM VHF needs replacing since its “off” button does not work.

Our plans to leisurely sail the Chesapeake during the Fall are now in jeopardy. We remain committed, and some say out of our minds.

Thursday, September 6, 2007


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Our original plans would have had us sailing by Stamford around now and heading to the Chesapeake. This is a picture of Eric helping us to get out of here so we can catch up to our plans. For those of you who think our trip is doomed, note that Eric messed up his ankle after he started working on First Edition, and missed a week of work (not helpful to our cause but probably more troublesome to Eric than to us!). His injury was not incurred on First Edition, but on Alliance, another boat struck by lightning.

We are hoping to exit here by this weekend, much later than we had hoped. We will spend a few weeks at City Island Yacht Club while we have annual physicals and celebrate Rosh Hashanah with family and friends. Then we will boogey down to the Chesapeake.