Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Oh! If First Edition could only talk.

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Finally, some work commenced today although we still have not been able to get an estimate on the cost to repair in order to submit it to the insurance company for approval. This picture shows a chunk of our keel, blown out by the lightning bolt. Apparently the keel had been epoxied prior to our ownership in order to cover up the hole which is once again evident and is shown in this picture.

First Edition at some point in her 18 years of life has probably run aground on something hard. Since the damage was done years ago (and we did not do it this time!) it is likely to be only cosmetic. I choose to believe First Edition ran out of water at some tropical isle where she took a chunk out of some coral that in turn took a chunk out of her. Something romantic.

While moored in a harbor in Maine a few years back, the boat adjacent to us recognized First Edition and told us how one of its former owners met his maker...while trying to board First Edition from his dinghy following a party in Trinidad. He had dropped his wife off and when he did not immediately follow she suspected he had returned for more frivolity. Apparently his body was not discovered until the following morning, and it was concluded he suffered a heart attack and drowned.

So our lightning strike is just another chapter in First Edition's story. And we anticipate a happy ending.


Sharron and Bill said...

Obviously you are not back in the water. How are you eating, etc.?
Will that hole be epoxied again and how long does it take to dry?
Know that we're thinking of you and wish we could help.
Love, Shar and Bill

Marge & Neil said...

Hi Guys,
Sorry we have not sent our condolences sooner. Things have been somewhat hectic around here.
We moved Mom in with us last week (along with a 24hour aide). Anyone know where we can buy a house stretcher? She is holding her own, but would dearly like to see all of this end. She says this is no way to live.
Speaking of ways to live...where are you? And how long are you going to be there?
Please keep us posted...it is a welcome diversion.
Love, Marge & Neil

k said...

And, tell me again, why you two don't wear PFD's??