Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Journey Begins!

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On Thursday July 12th we declared First Edition sea-ready, and to avoid a Friday the 13th departure, left our boatyard at 4 pm. The wind was perfect and the skies were clear as we motored our way along while the Captain and semi-retired person made phone calls and read emails. We had decided to stay the night at Great Kills Harbor on Staten Island at the Richmond County Yacht Club, the closest anchorage to the Verrazano Narrows Bridge which we needed to hit the following day near sunrise in order to avoid very nasty currents in New York's East River at Hell Gate. As we approached the mooring assigned to us, we lost our engine. Fortunately, the launch tender quickly threw us a tow and delivered us to our mooring. We quickly determined we had run out of fuel, having thought we had switched to a full tank but mistakenly turned to a near empty one. Although this was not an auspicious start to our voyage, I kept thinking how lucky we were that this had not happened while going under a bridge or into the turbulent waters ahead of us.

Peter bled the air out of the engine while remorsing that I had turned him into an engine mechanic after a successful legal career. Cocktails were poured, dinner enjoyed, and we turned in early in anticipation of our 5am wake up time on Friday the 13th.


Donna said...

I love reading those blogs! Keep 'em coming. Get out there on the cruise already! I'm even getting frustrated!

John Servidio said...

Safe journey my friends. I'll be checking in on you frequently. Keep the updates coming!!!

Sharron and Bill said...

Your blog is great! Was wondering where the ----are you! Safe journey and wonderful sailing. Please stay in touch. Congrats on getting everything done! Ask people to take photos of you and Peter together!
Love, Shar