Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hit by Lightning

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At about 10:45 am on July 18th, First Edition was struck by lightning. We are pleased to report that the crews' heartbeats have returned to normal, and First Edition is now sitting in a cradle in Stamford, Connecticut where her damage will be assessed. The picture shows her out of the water, and to our eye, it seems there is no hull damage. Fortunately, First Edition has a grounding plate (unlike many sailboats) and yards and yards of copper stripping running through her. We know the bolt hit the top of the mast, as our antennae have been shattered, and most of our electronics (some brand new) are inoperable. It is likely that we will be in this yard about a month while the repairs are completed. Although it may sound like we are leading a depressing life, as with the engine failure, we are fortunate that this latest event occurred in familiar waters, and that neither of us was hurt. Once we nail down the details such as meeting with the insurance adjuster, surveyor, and mechanics to lay out a repair scheme, we will likely head to our skihouse and enjoy the life of you landlubbers.


Sharron and Bill said...

Enough is enough!!! So thankful that you are OK, people that I knew on the Indian River in Fl weren't! It is a blessing that all this has happened in familar waters and friends not that far away. When you get a chance please call my cell, it will be reassuring to hear your voice.
Love, Shar

k said...

Oy vey! Are you trying to front-end of of this nonsense!?! Come to Mattapoisett on the way to VT and I will take you for a sail while hubby prepares our feast.

Susan said...

Sorry to hear about your setback. However, have a wonderful time in Vermont. Ben enjoyed hearing Peter on the conference call. He is currently in Florida, I have Lyme disease, and Brian is recovering slowly. Enjoy yourselves!