Monday, July 30, 2007

Hauling off the Stick

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The review of our electronics damage was completed today by the yard, and as this picture shows, our mast (aka the stick) was removed to be evaluated. This is a precarious process, at least to the owners. Basically, the mast is harnessed up and a crane is used to pull it up from where it is stepped on the deck and down to the keel. The initial analysis is that we lost one of two radio antennae and our tricolor/anchor light. The wiring which runs through the mast has yet to be cleared.

Today our Project Manager, another Peter, informed us that we may be spending "the season" with the yard while repairs are completed. That probably means all of August and some of September. Tomorrow we get the dollar estimate which gets passed along to the insurance company.

We spent several days last week and the weekend with the Rosenzweigs while we attended the viewings and funeral service for our dear friend Brian Moore who valiantly fought his battle with cancer but was called to heaven to coach their baseball team. Both Peter and I loved Brian and our lives will never be the same without this dear friend.

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