Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Arrested in Oyster Bay!

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Although incarceration is not involved, the Captain was arrested for speeding in Oyster Bay today by the Town Constable. She had no sense of humor. Those of us who have been with Peter while he has been stopped know his "I represented the PBA routine" which has for the most part resulted in the successful departure of law enforcement, sans ticket. He did not try this, or flashing of what he refers to as his "get out of jail card" gifted by our friend Detective Curnyn. Instead, he was handed a ticket for causing a wake in a mooring field, accomplished with a 10 foot dingy and a 15 horsepower motor.

The problem is, you may plead guilty (which "I understand is the equivalent of a conviction after trial"). However, no fine is specified although an address is provided to which it may be sent. All efforts to determine said fine by phone have failed.

He may be incarcerated yet.

Since the last posting we determined that the engine had not been fixed, fixed the engine without knowing how we had done the fixing, determined the chartplotter is not functioning (we need this to determine our position, especially in fog), and now that we tried to raise anchor, found the washdown pump that rinses the muck off the anchor to have failed. The convict is on the way to visit a marine store in town, which of course the ever-confident Peter is sure will have all the parts he needs.


Donna said...

Are you having fun yet??????

It's the ONLY thing... said...

Dearest Friend, remember how Alan must have felt when he found out you tossed his Varsity jacket? It feels probably just like that. Fun is planned to commence shortly.

Roger said...

What a grand beginning for your sailing adventure. You've just confirmed my next sailing trip will be on a cruise ship! Have you ever considered an RV?

I hope you don't intend to represent yourself in the Oyster Bay legal proceedings. You know what they say about a lawyer who has himself for a client....Enjoy!

Margee said...

Dude...your life is the law...for better or worse! Belated Bon Voyage!

Margee and Ari

Margee said...

P.S. let us know your itinerary in the Caribbean we will book flights and landlubber accomadations@!

rotten kids said...
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rotten kids said...

That is the sound of Dave still laughing in the background. I thought he was going to need physical therapy after laughing for about 3 hours straight last night! And we bet he's not the only one...
And for a Willow update: she is now busy learning to say her latest sentence with great gusto: "Aye-Aye jail?"