Thursday, March 22, 2007

Years of Preparation

Lynn and Peter Forgosh are retired banker and lawyer, respectively and as of June, 2007 will become liveaboard full time cruisers. We have learned a lot since we bought our first boat when we were short on knowledge but long on desire. The boat managed to survive our education, making it through two significant batterings during storms and a dismasting following her renaming.

We have been sailors for more than 20 years. During that time we were mostly coastal cruisers but managed one Florida to New Jersey offshore trip to bring First Edition home and overnight offshore sails on our annual cruises to Block Island, Rhode Island or the Chesapeake Bay. To improve our skills we took (and taught) many Power Squadron courses, became Hams, and certified as Emergency Medical Technicians. Three years ago we tested the waters with a four month sabbatical, cruising to Maine and the Chesapeake before returning to our dock in New Jersey. This trip was simply magical but the time was too short.

Our current boat is a 1989 Hylas 44. We purchased First Edition in 2000 and have lovingly worked to upgrade and retrofit her for full time blue water cruising. We have replaced everything from the through hulls to the masthead tricolor and a great deal in between. It is with excitement and little regret that we now embark on our dream despite an incredulous family and the difficulty in leaving our new granddaughter behind.

After years of planning and dreaming we are starting our adventure with a return to Maine. During our sabbatical cruise we found that Maine has the most amazing coast line with more islands to visit than we could accomplish in a life time. We want to take advantage of the beautiful and exciting places the USA has to offer while we hone our skills. We hope through this Blog to be able to express the beauty we see and the excitement of our adventures.

Toward the fall we will wind our way down the east coast to wait out hurricane season. We will spend some of this time in the Chesapeake Bay where we will enjoy the friendly welcome of the local population during a period that is less hectic than the summer tourist season. We will also visit our future home, currently vacant land in Virginia on Mill Creek (just off the Great Wicomico River minutes from the Chesapeake). Hopefully we can connect with those in our family (especially our granddaughter!) who also live in Virginia. Once hurricane season passes we will visit the history of the intercoastal waterway. We have read hundreds of articles of the wonderful man made ditch, its beauty and the people who populate it. We will head offshore to Florida when we run out of water.

There we will visit Lynn’s aunt and get ready for a trip to the Bahamas for the winter season. The Bahamas are a close offshore trip that will involve our first Gulf Stream crossing. Once in the Bahamas we can visit and explore its many anchorages and islands. We hope that family and friends will take advantage of our extra cabin to get away from the winter of the North and come to visit.

After the Bahamas we will go where fate and the wind take us. We hope that will eventually lead us to the Eastern Caribbean and other lands and people. As members of the Seven Seas Cruising Association we will leave a clean wake and aspire to be ambassadors of good will from the United States of America.

First Edition, originally Heartsong, was named by her prior owners who were newspaper “folk”. Having learned our lesson after changing our first boat’s name, we have decided that First Edition suits us just fine. We look forward to sharing this journey with you. We encourage you to follow your dream, or share ours until you take the plunge.

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Donna said...

We look forward to living vicariously (and dry - ly!) through your blog!

Best wishes for an amazing adventure!